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High Quality Classic Furniture
The company Furniture Berengan has been producing pieces of furniture in different wood essence, refined and unrefined items, since 1975. Furniture Berengan concentrates its own activity mostly in the production of furniture made of a combination of absolutely solid cherry-wood and other composite materials.

Final result furniture could be massive or a combination of massive wood and high quality plywood, veneers list, MDF or other composite matherials but always the final products are High quality and in the range of elite furniture.

Furniture polishing style and colours are customizable, and always hand made.

Sephora wall unit.

JUNE 20New pictures about Sephora collection

Really nice pictures about Sephora collections are now avaliable

Apr 16 Berengan Casa partecipates to "Salone del mobile di Milano"

From 16 to 24 Apr Berengan Casa will be in Milan fair. Pavillion 4 Stand N15 P16.


Jan 12 New pictures About Rose Collection

Really nice pictures about Rose collections are now avaliable


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